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Team disputes

I live in the US and had some questions about teams having disputes about things.

Basicly what we are having is a power struggle. This other teams owns a website and sets up all the events in our local area. So this automaticly makes them the "Top dog" team. Everyone looks up to them and brown noses them every game. Which is rediculous because those of us that know the truth know that they arent a very good team and their leader is a cocky stuck up jerk. This team has constantly had problems with not calling hits and not following their OWN rules.

Now we live in a small area and there are VERY few players around so its not like our team can just go and play with other teams. So its either play with people we dont get along with or dont play at all.

I started playing airsoft to have fun with friends and all this has turned into is politics that obviously wont go anywhere. Our team doesnt not beleive in corrupt leaders and bending rules and it seems that everyone has their heads stuck so far up the leaders ass that we cant make them see differently.

Does anyone have words of wisdom on this? I'm at a total loss and recruiting new people to play isnt working very well because our area is so small.

Thanks in advance!
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