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It's not in the online cataluage. It's only in the mail-order print cataluage, and yes, it's real wood, and real metal. I've handled one, they're pretty solid. Looks like the real thing. No creaks or groans, fires .177 copper BBs. Nice POS.

Sorry to dissappoint you Kid, but no, it's not clear, so you won't be able to add it to your collection of rubber-band handled softairs
Sounds interesting. Fully automatic or semi?

Unfortunately though, I have recently sold my collection of rubber-band handled softair collection, a Crosman M4 as seen in the Gallery and the Daisy Airstrike pistol as seen in my profile. I took a fair price on both.

Not sure what I'm thinking, but I even sold my rubber-band handled M15CQB and KJ G32C, which the usefulness can be confirmed by -Rubix- and the new buyers. I miss the rubber gripped guns though, the bands were always sold installed on the guns.

Only gun I have at all right now is a broken mini and a orange spray painted CYMA CM028s on the way... which is not showing up and if you're interested, find out more in the BC Airsoft Supply Review thread.

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