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Originally Posted by Amgoosen View Post
this has to be a joke, nothing else can explain it.
Nice help dipshit.

1) Switching up mags halfway through your rounds does not have a negative effect on your gun.. just keep in mind that sometimes a bb or two remains in the magwell of some guns, so if you've got your mag out, and the safety off, the gun may still discharge a round and should not be considered safe until it has been cleared and safetied.

2)Yes of course it still works fine, how do you think it goes through a whole charged mag once you've started firing... the spring inside your mag continues to place preasure on your rounds until empty.

3) I'm not too sure about holosights... my suggestion, save your money and use iron sights or a cheap red dot until you've played a bit more... invest first in things like gear especially a good pair of goggles.

Good luck
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