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Just bought a .177 BB gun/Pellet gun (combo gun!) from wal-mart, to hold me over until I get my AK47S fixed. I noticed that the soft air guns were not behind the glass! I've never noticed this before, and then the traditional kids walk up with their parent/guardian, and ask said parent/guardian if they can buy one of the cheap crapsoft guns (although they're far more enthusiastic about it).

I bought a cheap Daisy air rifle, that said on the box "for ages 10+". The highest it went on any of their products was 16+...but all said with supervision by an adult. When they were ringing in the items: bbgun, bbs (6000 for $13!), pellets...each time the register said Check for ID/Check age...did the lady at the counter do so?


Over at Canadian tire though (I looked around for the best price) all you could see was "AIR GUN POLICY" stickers on nearly every corner of the different sections of glass. I didn't buy anything, but I would assume they would check for ID...what with all those labels and stickers and such.

Does anyone have a link to the law saying that it is 18+? From what I've seen today, it appears to be a guideline...depending on store policy only.
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