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About to blurt some random thoughts, some could touch base with useful, some useless. Either way, not much to do with the brits.

At the same time, its good to keep things basic, and logical.
If the teams and players are responsible, things shouldn't have to be complicated in the least.

Its those who abuse that make things confusing.
Again, like another popular heated debate "no victim, no crime"
It's true indeed that we require to advertise responsible use+storage of these products, but its almost upsetting that not enough realize the culture that’s really there. Age verification was/is the answer.

This is going to be a really rash opinion coming up, but..

In the case of someone using an airsoft gun or replica to commit a crime, such as a robbery. It raises the possibility "sure, someone could get shot"
Usually the person who decides to break the law. Maybe an innocent.
We all recognize that punishment would be no different if it was real or fake firearm, but why should that make the fake ones illegal?

If I worked at a gas station for example, I would much rather be held up by a replica , over a knife, or a real firearm.

Push comes to shove.. most people suggest to tighten laws.
Make things "tougher"

The past etc, USA.... Usually generates more problems. Think about one solution, one direction that makes it possible. Not a gradual clenching of the fist.

Looking at the crosman airsoft guns in Canadian tire, Good old transparent plastic with minimal moving parts.
It's not our first choice, but as far as getting airsoft to Canadians in a retail environment. That’s great progress.

I would hate to think we would all settle with that quality. It's obvious with airsoft that blaze orange doesn't sit well in everyone’s stomach.
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