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lol I find it funny when people talk about "back then" in terms of months. I have been playing now for 12 years. Back in the day of Bryce Rollins, and when airsoft was actually underground. When all of Edmonton airsofting consisted of like 12 people, and we could sometimes get 8 out to a game. The TM M4 had JUST come out. And if you wanted to accesorize your airsoft, you either had to make something from scratch youself, or mod real steel stuff. There was such a limited aftermarket industry back then, that other than some systema internal parts, everyones weapons looked pretty much the same. If I were still enthused as much now adays about airsoft as I was back then, todays market is such an awsome thing to come into, as opposed to how things were when I started.

Also, if you do not remember ASZ forums, then you are not old enough.
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