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Originally Posted by Greylocks View Post
The only way is to use an example; scope.

Then tell us EXACTLY, step by step, what you write, where you write it, how you write it, what search options you choose, where you tell the engine to search, etc.

As for the scope glare, think about it. By the time someone even sees the glare of your scope they are dead, or you are. Use an extended tube on the front end.
Thank you graylocks. After I had some help locating the topics to tell me what you just said.

Now common sense would say I went to ascs search fold down entered in my words to search his the go button and get this message
"Please specify some words or valid user names to search on. There were no matches for those that you specified". No mater what options I pick its a general thing. I could put "kiss my ass" and get the same results as I am getting for "scope" or "scope glare". Also the problem happened suddenly and it still exsists. what i have tryed: turning off protection software(all of it), closing and reopining browser, restarting computer, clearing cookies and temps. Any one got any bright ideas I am more then open to them.

Not meant to be offensive it just might come off offensive as you cant tell a persions tone over the net.
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