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Well Been over 2 years since "then" and I find its the people I enjoy the most about the sport, a good crowd can make or break the experience in my mind. Guns are nice but I have owned too many since I started and I know its not the guns that draws me back, hell a springer would suffice! Gear is like the guns, lots out there but that always changes, something new will come out and be the rage and we will all go buy it and end up with mountains of gear in our homes.

I like the new faces that come in, eyes all bug like and excited and they all look to us old timers in the sport to set the example and be patient when thay do ask the really stupid questions. Some of those newbies I helped out are now old timers and carry on the way i helped them so its all worthwhile to drown out the temptation to flame them and answer the question, unless its truly really stupid

So if tomorrow if was a capital offense playing airsoft, punishable by death, I would go out knowing I died doing something I really enjoyed and had a great time doing. I can also smile knowing that i wouldn't be going alone and that i would the regulars in heaven or hell and we can start airsoft up there or down there as well. Flaming 6mm BBs from hell anyone?

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