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My first game was one of the largest of it's time. All 7 of us were out at a woodlot that our friend had managed to secure through a friend at university. I was 18. Dreams of large games were mostly a figment of my imagination at that point.. my MP5 mags held in my LBV88, my bag of bb's stuffed into a pocket.

Who was there?

Tru, Brian, Goose, Recoil, Suppressor, and Sin.

Who was I?

Bravo One-Six

Things have changed. Fragmented. But good people are still out there in little pockets among the countless faces. You used to be able to trace the history of a gun you bought through every person who owned it and who brought it in.. be able to know how many rounds had passed through it. Things have definitely become more anonymous. In some cases worse.. but in others.. much better. It's too early for me to rant. But I felt I had to get in on this.

And the kind words of Phalanix and Derek are greatly appreciated. I'm just one man though.

"Solving an imaginary world's contrived and over dramatic problems... 6 millimeters at a time."
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