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Myself, I grew up with bb guns, real rifles, running around the forest with plastic guns, ect ect So when a coworker showed me airsoft on the internet at work, I was hooked with just seeing pictures of it, and hearing what it was all about.

Later that month I was already out to a game to meet up with now good buddy Sean(Meat) to get verrified and have a look at everyones gear set ups, weapons, ect. I was overwhelmed with the respect shown for just showing up and putting that effort out there. I just asked what they were using and right away they take it off their shoulder and hand it to me to have a look and explain more about their gun. Was just awsome to talk to the players and got to know several players right there!

Well, another month and I was fully suited up with a uniform, M4A1, Sig 226, and a few mag pouches ready to go! First game was Fr Old field with the IC crew and man did I have a great time! Fully enjoyed ambushing, shooting, tactics, when the IC guys are out there full, it is an awsome time on their side. Second game I stepped up to command the other team as many players had never played the field, had no radio, and just didnt seem to know what they were gonna do to set up a defensive possition. I just sort of took command and placed the players in defensive spots around the bridge and surrounding and they all immediatly moved, took the orders and I just sort of comfortably led them to a nice battle with the more experienced OD team.

Well since then I have made ALOT of friends and contacts in this great community, from all over the GTA, guys who really helped me while I was starting out(storeskeeper,Meat, many others), Ottawa guys (Stalker, Droc), Quebec, and many others that know I appreciate. I have hosted a few games at FR with Fader, youonlywish, and leecas and all have been great sucess, our WW2 games are alot of fun.

I guess to sum up, this has been an amazing season for myself, making a good name in ASC, playing lots, learning lots, getting to know alot of the members, other hosts, and so forth. So much to say but just not enough words to put it together lol.

Hope this fits your thread plan Phal.

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