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What's airsoft? To me, it's not just the military role-playing, but it's also about the guy next to you when you're out on the field.
Well, I'm pretty new (only played for a year with my small team out here in BC) but that is exactly how I feel about Airsoft and it's why I love to play so much.

It would be super cool if there was a way to bring players together easier but Canada is a big place. I know my squad will be heading out to Keystone Strike next year if it's going on and we're all really excited about that but we need more things like that.

Also, clubs that are growing should remember to treat new players like they would veterans. Push comes to shove they'll still end up the man beside you at some point. I've seen a fair amount of veteran clubs use new players more as fodder than actually making them part of the 'inner circle'. They just want someone to shoot at, not with.

Either way I just love the thing you said that I quoted because it's what I always tell people when they ask me what it is. Good post!
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