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Originally Posted by Farmboy View Post

More tan items will be on hand for you guys

We can start the payment plan for you as well for the CIRAS
Just don't tell Hojo about the items that got taste tested...

I'd like to see more players bring out different pieces of gear to taste...I mean check out and see. You can talk about gear but nothing beats the value of actually donning a piece of gear and figuring out if it's right for you.
Think about it - bomb up, then actually test it out in a live fire range. Cha-Ching! I'm sold. And I don't have to be impulsive either.

Brian - i'd like to help out with contributions to something like that for the next one, with the assistance of others. I'd also like to help with the MilSim scenario building input as well - I didn't see that this one unfortunately.

As well - put the invitation out to the out of city/province teams - I spoke to some of them about the event and they were dissapointed that they didn't make it down.

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