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Future events and Consultation with the "community"

Any future events will only be promoted within the Community via these boards...

The promotion of GMAC 2006 was within the game threads only.. Right up to the day before,consequently quite a number of people who don't read those threads missed the event.

I can't see any need or benefit to go public with promotion of this event in the future.. it is designed for the community at large, and the friends that we all have who may be interested. Uniterested gawkers won't bring any benefit to the venders or the teams that want to participate.

Anyone ... and I mean anyone is welcome to contribute to future renditions of this event.. I simply don't believe in excluding people or groups regardless of past, present or future "issues"

I am willing to listen to anyone's input and incorporate or disregard it as I see fit.

Anyone willing to step up and help foot the bill for the event and take the risk will of course get more of my attention.

With the time and money I spent on getting even this small event off the ground just a little, I could have purchased a number of really nice guns...for myself. I have enough guns... but this community does not have enough events of this type, so in my opinion it was a better use for my resources.

I appreciate everyone's feedback, In particular I am glad to see that at least some members of the groups that chose not to support the event are willing to take another look. I can't say that we can come to a meeting of the minds... but I am willing to try. And I agree that face to face meetings are the way to do it.
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