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Originally Posted by Farmboy View Post
As Scarecrow has suggested maybe a "board" or "group" made up of some team reps, venders, establishment owners could sit down together a few times to come up with a way to approach this to satisfy as many concerns as possible.

Ultimately it is Brians facility and what he does there is up to him, to establish an annual or bi-annual event though, the more input from everyone the better.
I think it's clear that the people that showed up and supported this event, supported the conditions under which it was run - and it was a great success. You can't please everyone all of the time, but those of us that are interested in having this sport move forward can keep supporting events like this.

You bring 4 tables farmboy, we'll bring 5! It's on!

Problem is come next time I don't think I'm going to be able to resist buying an Eagle rig from you, so I think you've already won.

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Bring more delicious TAN items too!
You said it. That Ciras was drop dead sexy. I curse you, one-shot...
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