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Originally Posted by Scarecrow View Post
My understanding is you need two things in abundance to get the process going - natural light (with UV) and constant exposure to moisure. Putting them in a planter by your window on the soil is the best way to simulate it if you want.
I've got them outside 'in the elements' in different conditions. Some are fully exposed, some emersed in water, some semi-embedded in soil. All do get fully exposed to natural sunlight and precipitation.

I checked them last week both visually and weighed them. There was no noticable discrepancies from a stock bb. I will continue to monitor them for a year since some say that it takes at least six months to notice anything.

I have heard that the only truly biodegradable bbs are produced by a company called Bioval. I have been unable to procure a sample. If anybody has or knows a local contact, PM me.
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