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Originally Posted by Gryphon View Post
Completely impossible. If you knew how a gearbox fully worked you'd realize 50,000 is a ridiculously astronomical rate of fire that is in no way ever achievable with an AEG.

Ask the guy with the TOP M249 how many pistons he stripped (I think the count required more than two hands) at around 2000 RPM.

Gryphon, if you are talking about Poff's M249, then yes it was putting out 2000 RPM and would eat pistons like some sort of BB side dish.

Mentana, if you manage to get your G36 over 2500 RPM, and are able to feed it properly, I would suggest finding a good cheap supply of quality pistons. Because you will need 1 or 2 pistons for every bag of BBs you put through it.

Oh and that high tension spring you are talking about, will not only slow down your motor, it will also speed up your BB, probably way beyond field limits.
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