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The next one...

Over the next week I will be doing a detailed analysis of what went well what could be better...

I want to set the date for the spring convention soon so that people can plan.

The timing for this one was bad for a few venders due to the proximity to Halloween... and so they were not able to come...

That coupled with some teams opting out for other reasons combined to reduce the planned number of participants..

I am confident that I can get a much wider selection of venders for the spring event...

I had a lot of things get in the way of me spending more time on organization..Things that won't be an issue in the spring.

The one thing that did surprise me was that the Kit Swap did not have many participants... I think that there were maybe a dozen transactions... I got rid of about $100 worth of stuff... and purchased about $ it worked out for me...

I had a number of people inquire about gun sales... and they seemed dissapointed that there were no gun sales.
I chose not to allow gun sales for this one.... I may change that position for the spring show... but I will have to study the issue at greater length..
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