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Originally Posted by Mentana View Post
What I truely was looking to see that was retarded is the pure torque of the motor.. 50 thousand rpm.. That's about 25k shots per min.. Do the math.. I was wondering if that was possible, is all.

Also, I did the math myself.. if you're like that.

277 per second.. Which is Ridiculous.. That's not possible.. therefor, i need a HIGH HIGH HIGH HIGH HIGH HIGH tension spring to slow it down dramatically.. but risk breaking the gearbox... So is it possible.. back to my original question..?
Ummm, I think you need to redo your math. A TM EG1000 motor has 27,552 rpm. You RC engine will only double your ROF, giving you maybe around 1500, not 25k... Also, with the avaliability of SystemA motor upgrades that are specifically designed for Airsoft, why risk wrecking a gun on a un-reliable upgrade.

Here is a comparison chart, it points out BOTH rpm and torque. Your motor may be spinning at 50k rpm, but with poor torque it will be pointless to put in a AEG.


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