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Is it possible? A hybrid Airsoft Gun?

Well, as I wish to know.. Before I try..

I plan on being my ol' retarded self and trying something spontaneously stupid.. yet again..

All righty then..

I have a RC motor that got an electric RC up to about 60 MPH, or 50k rpm.. Now, I have an empty G36 body which I'm thinking about putting a metal gearbox with aftermarket all metal parts in with a high tention spring..

That should be an ownage weapon.. no?

Nowwww.. Would a version 3 gearbox work? Or would I have to go stronger.. (I'm thinking stronger, anyhow)

I know I need some strong as crap gears, high high high tension spring, etc.. Or else it'll blow out, yada yada. Alright.

So, any suggestions or sites, or comments.. for aftermarket parts?


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