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Originally Posted by MadMorbius View Post
If I recall correctly, someone tested the bio bb's a few years ago and they wouldn't degrade any more than the non-bio's.

In other words, it's horseshit.
Actually Morb, its true, they do breakdown faster than regular BBs, there was a fellow here on ASC (who's username I cannot recall at this moment), PM'd me back and forth over for about 6 months. He put a biobb and a regular BB in a planter in his house and just watered the plant regularly and the biobb did start to show break down by color change and pitting, whereas the regular BB didn't - but was the progression significantly faster? Sorta, but not dramatically so. He terminated the experiment before the biobb really completely broke down - he took it out at 6 months and tried to crush it and it was still structurally sound. Those 4 year old BBs I'm talking about sound sort of like where the biobb was at 6 months.

So, while it may be somewhat faster, does it *really* make a difference to the environment? No. Like others have said here before, you do more damage burning petrochemicals driving to a game than you do playing airsoft.
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