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I dropped by earlier in the day with one other person, I enjoyed it but she was displeased by the lack of historical knowledge of whoever those WW2 re-enactors were. One person in Airborne gear didn't even know what the MP40 was chambered in!

There was someone (in a heer uniform I believe) who actually knew quite a bit but he went off with a SS NCO in Oak Smocks(? I don't know my Wehrmacht very well) and my companion was already beaconing for us to leave. (she wasn't impressed by the flimsiness of the K98)

She did win a door prize: Black Tactical gloves which I wasn't allowed to touch at all. (If I had won them they would have been hers anyway)

Woman, eh?

I personally would love to attend the spring one, and I'm going to start putting money aside for my first AEG.

edit: you know what I friggin forgot to do! I forgot to get age verified.


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