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I've accidently swallowed a couple that fell into a sandwitch at a game. Passed right through just like corn. I don't think animals are dumb enough to eat them, and if they do, other than some kinds of birds (the ones that use a crop, like diving ducks), they just pass through.

I think the only danger non-biodegradable BBs pose in the short term is an eyesore. They do eventually break down and I really don't think we use them in enough quantity to do any real damage.

Also the non-biodegradable ones do break down after about 4 years. I've been watching a small pile up at our Muskoka field that was dropped the first year I was there. The BBs have turned yellow and the surfaces are pitting. Its just a matter of time, but they are disintegrating. Unless someone specifically asks you to use biobbs and you *really* want to play on the field enough to go for the added cost, god bless, but I think the whole biobb thing is a pile of horseshit. Do they break down faster? Absolutely. Does it make a net difference to the evironment after 10 years? No.

But, each to his own.
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