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Next time

I have had a bit of time to review the day...

these were the good things about GMAC.

Good attendance, I expected about 60 people we got over 100
good mixing of people.. everyone mixed and talked to each other,, something that does not seem to happen at games.
Face to face meeting of different "sections" of the community.. Many people who have not played together had a chance to meet, and put a face to a name that was only a stranger on line before.
Good prizes!!

Things that were bad:

not enough venders
Not enough variety of venders
no gun sales.
No kill house

I am going to organize a gathering in the spring and I will try to address the "bad things"

Fact is I kinda threw this event together and other aspects of my life conspired to reduce the time I had to work on it..

I will start now to set up GMAC spring 2007 and it will be bigger and better than GMAC Fall 2006

Again thanks to those who supported this event...

And a special thanks to the TTAC3 regulars that helped out to keep it all running smoothly.
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