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Thanks must go out to Brian for arranging this event,
The day started off slow, most probably due to the lousy weather and the road closures that Toronto had this weekend.
Buy lunchtime we had a steady flow of people comming in, a lot of new people to Airsoft, lots of questions.
I personally spent a hour with one group of under 18 year olds, who by the end of our talk, were chomping at the bit to get into Airsoft, I think their X box's are going up for sale on e-bay.
Or It could be that after sometime spent Knife sparing with Shawn ( Thanks for your instruction Shawn) and myself, they couldnt hold the controlers !!

A good first turn out, im looking forward to the spring event, hopefully it will be on a weekend when we arent running one of our courses, (Hint to Brian.)
I must also say thanks to the vendors who did turn up and the teams who took part in the best gear/ equipment competition, special mention must go to the guys who showed off their WW2 gear, great stuff guys, now if I can just make more space and convience the wife to let me buy more gear, im in LOL (anyone know a good divorce lawyer !! :-))

Looking forward to the spring event..
Regards Paul Cobham
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