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I've also heard that UPS doesn't use an internal system for processing the cross boarder items, and that they use an outside source. UPS is also notorious for opening parcels labeled as "gift".

Bullshit bullshit bullshit......UPS does have an in house brokerage system. UPS cannot and does not open your parcels.....CUSTOMS CANADA DOES. If you write gift on a parcel, 99% of the time it is a lie, so CUSTOMS CANADA does not accept that anymore. "GIFT" is not a legal term for is like writing "BOX", it will ALWAYS be opened by customs to see what the hell it is. UPS as well as ALL courier companies have in house Canada Customs inspectors at all of their importation sites. If you do not have B13 forms filled out correctly, or if you write "persona;" goods, you are going to have your parcel opened.
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