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Two Days Away!!

GMAC is 2 days away!!

We have confirmed, gear, arms, and accessory venders along with a few team recruiting tables.

A gear Swap meet and competitions on best kit turn out.. along with door prizes..

Total prize values exceeding $1000 up for grabs. Including a TM G26 GBB pistol!

An open well !!

But the real value of this event is the people... a chance to come together outside of the game and meet other players...

This is a unique opportunity for you to bring your friends out and introduce them to airsoft ...

I am also trying to figure out how to set up a small Killhouse for pistol only small scale games, more to follow on that If I can figure out how to do it..

and a Final reminder... please be discrete when entering or leaving the building.. and if you are bringing airsoft arms Please ensure they are properly transported.

And don't forget to bring your food donation for entry into the ASC ARMOURY sponsored Raffle!!
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