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Utter Bullshit!!

Originally Posted by LUTNIT View Post
UPS' normal trick from the people I talk to is to hand the parcel to you right at the door and not ask for a cent, a few weeks later you get a bill for the brokerage fee. You are allowed to refuse the package at the door and have it returned to sender if you dont want to pay but if you accept it you are obligated to pay. My room mate got charged $90 brockerge for a $140 charger for his R/C stuff and got the bill 3 MONTHS after he had accepted the parcel with "no extra fees." He refused to pay and sent a letter in that regard, a week later he got a letter from a lawyer saying that UPS was suing him. He has since moved and doesnt know anything about it as he didnt leave his new address at his old place.
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