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Fill in on the aftermath

Well its come and gone in our school, and the truth has been sorted out.
The kid in question was not of normal mental health (many of you are thinking well duh!), as in mentally challenged. Some condition where he cant really make decisions for himself and he does whatever people tell him to. So now that his siblings graduated, he turned to the wrong people. Probalby at some point someone said "hey you should rob the gas station and score us some cigarettes". it went from there. As it turns out, it was a pellet handgun (a little more dangerous than crosman crap) and it was all worked out. He was released on promise to appear in court but due to his condition its doubtful he will be charged. He probaly wont be returning to the school. Now once the teachers figure out who told him to do that...... then thats when hell breaks loose, and i will be happy =)
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