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DTP Metal body for AK

Just picked this up from Jugglez on his group order.

Packaging wasn't great - just the body inside some bubble wrap in a cardbaord box, but you don't really need to much more than that. It didn't have any scratches on it when I got it. Out of the box, it's beautiful. Colour and finish seem to match the TM plastic body quite well, except it's solid as all hell and heavy! Trades match the marui precisely as well, except it lacks the Tokyo Marui and ASGK trades, so how can you complain!

Installation was VERY easy, and required absolutely zero modifications to the AK or the body. The rifle is now solid as a steel bar (with this body plus a G&P Wood Kit which includes a metal front end - reviewed here:, and looks very real to my eye.

I'll add some pics later.
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