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TacGear M84 Kit (56K = mucho death)

A few months back, I'd purchased a MultiCam helmet cover from TacGear of Germany via Ebay. While the material wasn't real Crye, it was quite well made and matched my Cyre Combat set well enough, I decided to save my pennies and get a Danish, M84, loadout from them.

I managed to get pretty much everything I wanted via Ebay once again as they do not list M84 on their site for uniforms, but do for some of the gear, but also managed to save a bit in the process. there is still a bit more I'd like to get from TacGear to complete the loadout, provided I can get it in M84.

My total loadout includes:

Combat Smock
Combat Pants
Chest Rig Specialist
Helmet Cover
Boonie Hat
Map Case
Knife Sheath

All this was about $560 cdn shipped, with shipping being about $60.

While none of the items are actual issue, or made of issue fabric, they match up pretty well when compared to photos. I have an issue combat shirt coming and will post side by side pics once it arrives. All the fabric is a fairly heavy 65% Poly/35% Cotton ripstop material. General manufacture is quite nice, though double stitching is not as heavily used as I would have liked. All stress points are bar tacked and there is a fair bit of double stitching where needed. I did not find any rolled seams or overly crooked stitching. All buttons are the slotted variety, which hold up a lot better than the straight sew on type.

Combat Smock - size XL(56/58)

Very reminisent of the Canadian Dennison Smock/ British Para Smock. There are fifteen pockets in total, 4 inside, 11 outside, with a zippered pass through next to the main zipper at breast height. There are two outer buttoned breast pockets with a zippered pocket behind each. the outer pockets are bellowed and each has a "D" ring sewn on the inside to secure small items, ie, a flashlite. Each pocket has a 1" x 7" loop velcro tape sewn on for name tapes and there is a patch of loop velcro on the front flap for a rank badge. The front seals with a two way zipper and a velcro stom flap. There are four button thigh pockets, two on each side (the inner most two with a "D" ring inside), with a large three button pocket in the rear. There are two zippered breast pockets inside and two large pouches in the bottom rear that run from hip to hip, seperated in the middle. There is no flap to secure items in these pouches. There are two velcro sealed pockets on the sleeves, one each. the outsides of both pockets are covered in loop velcro and there is a small patch of velcro about each flap just the right size for a 1" x 2" Canadian flag patch. There is a elbow patch made of (I think) 1000 denier nylon in matching M84 and these have nice foam padding already installed. The pockets for the padding secures with velcro if you want to remove/replace the padding and the velcro is on the upper arm side so as not to get caught on things in the field.The underarm area has a handy pit zipper for ventilation. Cuffs close with a velcro tab. There is an elastic draw sting internally for the waist and externally for the bottom. Both adjust with cord locks. It also has a hood with a draw string/cordlock affair and a stiffening wire around the hood itself that can be shaped to keep out the weather or to make the wearers face more obscure.



Front Side

Front Breast

Breast Pocket Detail


Lower Back

Sleeve Detail


Combat Pants - Size L9/95 (about 36 x 36)

Passing similarity to Canadian Pants. These come sized and do not feature waist adjustment. They have a button waist and one way fly. The two slash pockets in the front each feature a "D" ring sewn into the belt loop above them (attaching keys?). There is one seat pocket on the right and it seals with a hidden button flap. The seat itself is double layered. The thigh pockets are roomy without being bulky. They each close with two buttons and storm flap and the right hand pocket has a knife/accessory pocket inside of it. There are also two straps that go from the inside seam of the pockets to the outside seam through the middle of your legs. These are to sinch the leg material tighter if you're carrying a lod in the thigh pockets, helping them from slopping around. The knees feature the same padded nylon as the smock and are located in just the right spot. Kneeling is quite comfortable even though the padding is only about 3/16" thick. Padding is also removable. The bottom of the legs has a tie to blouse the cuff and a dust cuff that tucks into your boot. The dust cuff has an elastic shock cord on it and a cord lock. I think this would make it uncomfortable to wear, but I'll try it out and report back.

Pants Front

Pants Side

Pants Back

Thigh Pocket Detail

Chest Rig Specialist

This is a fairly nice piece of kit. I'm used to wearing an Arktis Sigma Assault vest, which weighs about 15 pounds empty. This rig is very light, 2.5 pounds empty. More 1000 denier nylon all around, good quality web straps, some mesh in the back. Hardware is YKK buckles in OD. All very comfortable to wear and is adjustable. Now I'm 6'6", 220# and this vest is adjusted to fit me comfortably snug and there isn't a lot of adjustment left for height, but there's still some for waist. the rig comprises of two panels, each with two mag pouches and a large pouch that fits a 1 quart canteen nicely. The mag pouches fit 3 armalite mags nicely, 4 MP5 mags fairly tight, 2 G36 mags fairly tight (as in they come out ok, but going in is a bit of a struggle) and should fit 2-3 AK mags, but I only had one to fit and the lid does close. Each panel has a zippered pocket in the front and breathable mesh in the back. there is an "accessory" flap (see pic) that velcros inside the panel and drops down to attach, sheaths, holsters and the like. There is a pistol mag pouch about the mag pouches on each side as well as a small pouch on the canteen pouch. The yoke (shoulder straps), have a few attachment pointsin the front and on the shoulders, with the back being a mesh panel with velcro for a small name tape, flag or blood patch and two glow in the dark cats eyes (included). There is no hydration pack with this unit, but one is shown on TacGear's website, though not in M84.

Rig Front

Rig Side

Rig Back

Panel Detail

Helmet Cover

A simple affair. Made of the same material as the pants & the smock. The cover is designed to fit most helmets via draw string. I used mine with a MICH replica I purchased from Ehobbies. The cover has two foliage straps sewn across the left and right sides of the crown and one sewn around the base. These are sewn in segments to make foliage loops. the one around the base has velcro in the front and back to attach a name tape and the cover has a spot for a team/blood patch and two glow in the dark cats eyes (included). I found the cover rolls under the helmet rim too much and rubs against my head. This is the same as the original MutliCam one as well. I recently wore the multicam one for a whole game and it dind't bother me, though is doest restrict airflow if you use a goggle fan.

Helmet Front

Helmet Back

Helmet Inside

Head to Cover clearence (as in none)

Boonie Hat

Similar to the helmet cover in construction. Has the same cats eyes, screened vents and a chin strap. There is no neck flap like the Canadian ones.

Boonie Front

Boonie Back


Same 1000 denier nylon, heavy duty ziper in the front. A hook to attach to your laces and a nylon strap with adjusters and QD buckle. Cordlock closure at the top.


Knife Sheath

Same nylon. Has a pouch up front for a stone or compass. Retention by means of a velcro strap around the handle. There's a mount included in the pouch to attch the sheath to the flaps on the chest rig and velcro loops on the back for belt or webbing.

Sheath Front

Sheath Back

Map Case

What can I say, it's a map case. About 9" x 11" unfolded. Velcros shut and has a zippered pouch for pens & markers.

A few shot of the Smock, Pants, Helmet cover and Chest Rig




Over all, I'm fairly impressed by the design, construction and price for everything. While I'd like to see some more double stitching, the thread and stitch quality seem to be pretty good as is, certainly suitable for airsofters. Even though it's brown out here on the prairies, I'll wear it out to a few games just to try it out. I'll update as I use the kit, add to it and if there's any issues.
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