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Evening All.
Paul Cobham from Willowretreat here.
Just a few notes to say how im looking forward to Saturdays events
Im going to be bringing some course info for 2007, with discount vouchers for anyone attending Gmac's first event.
I will be available to answer questions and help anyone with Bush craft/survival or wilderness related problems, or if you have any ideas or (constructive) suggestions then we can sit down over a coffee, (milk only, no sugar) and talk.opcorn:
Our 2007 winter survival courses are now fully booked. So we are taking names for our summer/fall sessions.
One of the proposed trips is a three week, canoe/portage trip to James Bay, how we could incorporate Airsoft or milsim into this trip is open for debate, come talk to me at Saturday’s event.
I trust that in the true camaraderie of the armed forces spirit, which can apply to Airsoft, all our brothers and sisters will come out and support a honestly open event.

Ps, im looking for some back packs and snow shoes, KSc g17 mags, e-mail me or bring them along on Saturday

Regards Paul C
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