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Being a special effects artist for over 15 years! I know how to attract attention, last year I created quite a stir with authorotise when i walked out of the bar as a stake vampire, I had one stake true my leg and another iin the gut, normal folcks wlaking on the side walk saw this and started freacking and called the police and medics...lets just say that I got undrunk realy fast! I was not charged with anything but lets say that the whole experiance put a damper on the rest of the evening. Now as per not to where for this halloween...Military dress, poeple are not pleased with the fact that we have are boys and girls over seas...getting shot at, and killed for no apparent no need to rub it in! and the other well ...the bad guy terrorist, need I explain?

Happy Halloween!
P.S. Jason from friday the 13th is still inn, or even the texas chain saw guy!
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