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Originally Posted by sam0182 View Post
This order was shipped as a strictly experimental order and has nothing to do with the regular business practices of This was between you and myself - yes, you did send money to our M4 Paypal account but that is about where the correlation stops. You received a separate invoice for the gun and shipping to Canada, etc. etc. You're welcome to argue this till the cows come home and you better believe I'll defend it until then.

If there were any updates, you would have received them.

I'll be on AIM later and you're more than welcome to drop me a line then. I've not received any e-mails in the last couple of weeks and I've been careful to scan through our bulk folder every few days.

I do business on the web. Everything is public. I'll continue to communicate via this forum as well as AIM/e-mail until this is resolved or a Mod decides they've had enough.

Try'm not sure if the sales line is filtering out anything.

Take care.
I'm on AIM now -- I see you online. Send me a message when you've got some time.

As for this regarding M4Airsoft... I don't care to argue about that, it's owned and run primarily by you, I've been communicating with you and am currently attempting to at your request at that email address, I sent the money to that address, and the product I ordered was from M4Airsoft.

I'm not going to argue, ASC can decide on that -- But I really do not believe it makes a difference. If you feel that it's that important, lets talk on AIM/MSN/PM/Email, I can remove any reference to M4Airsoft if necessary.

My AIM is a bit weird though... If you don't get a reply within a couple minutes, drop me a PM stating that. I'll see if I can fix it up if that's the case.

If you have a specific time you want plan to be within contact, send me a PM. I'm always on MSN, but the only reason I have AIM in the first place was to contact you, so you have to give me the heads up for that one.

Anyway, all I'm asking for is information. Tracking number is the best bet. If you don't have that, tell me that you do not have it. Don't keep telling me you're getting it and to have confidence. I waited for a half hour one night, asked how it was going, he told me he that I had to have confidence in him, I said ok. I finally got fed up and sent another message asking how it was going after waiting about two hours, guess what happened? Nothing. Just like all the other times.

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