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I talked to you just seven days ago...?

Shoot us an e-mail @

Don't forget to mention in this thread that your product was shipped FROM the States in a completely experimental fashion and you actually only paid $100 for the product...the rest was shipping.

We provided you, as well as the rest of the Canadian community, excellent service, fast shipping, great communication and damn good pricing while we were in Canada. We are no longer doing business in Canada and this is quite well known. And if I recall, your bulk order last Jan06 was one hell of a deal.

Be mindful of discrediting our hard work with BCAS last Winter over an experimental order from our US office that was very plainly stated as such. And don't you dare discredit over this order.

Shoot us an e-mail to or give our US office a phone call...if there were updates on your order, you would have them.

We have a second experimental order going to ON that is in the same limbo situation. I briefed you about this order before you placed yours and suggested that perhaps you HOLD until we confirmed that order had made it had no such intentions and we went from there.

509/582-9790 USA

I'm on AIM mostly these days - m4airsoftstore

EDIT: And I furthermore encourage anybody who's interested in our reputation and/or feedback to view our verified premier Paypal account that can be found under the e-mail and also be sure to drop in at our Myspace. We have several dozen customers who have posted up in our comment and blog sections about their completed orders/satisfaction, etc. Let alone our feedback here at ASC..

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