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Another Question =)

Hi again, I had posted about 2 years ago when I was 16. Im now 18 (waiting to try and get age verified) and im looking into the sport again. I was thinking about starting with a TM M4A1 S-System as a starter AEG but my problem is since I live in thunder bay (I have searched the forums alot) I dont have anywhere to practice. I was thinking about posibly practicing during the winter and then heading to souther ontario next summer. I dont know if im posting in the right forum (feel free to move or delete) and I know there has been like 100 posts on this but is there anyone from around the thunder bay region (within a few hours drive) that has a team/field to practice/play at? I dont want to really spend like 1000$+ and then not have anywhere to practice. Also if anyone has any suggestions on a starter gun better then the M4A1 S-System (or any comments on it) it would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

- Alan (AKA. FireArrow)
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