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I used to have faith in the CP system until recently.

Last spring shipped out a gun, sig required, never showed up but signed for.
That was finally resolved to the tune of them sending me a cheque, but first I had to fax my receipt to them 5 or so times... not the receipt for the gun, but the shipping. Then the cheque was put on hold and not sent out.... still have yet to get it.

Second incident, gun also signed for and left on porch. At least they got the item.

Third incident, movies I ordered at the begining of sept never arrive, I was busy and forgot about them. One month later I'm in the general store picking up something else when they say there is a package for me but i need the pickup card to take it, even though the town's so small they know me. kicker is, the package would fit in my mail box and no sig req
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