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Okay, so I called Customs this morning to find out what was wrong with the items... The lady I talked to said that there was NOTHING WRONG WITH IT! And that they had cleared it to enter the country.

And that it was Canada Post that returned the item due to an Incomplete Address! UGGGGG!!!! When I called Canada post yesterday to find out why their tracking site said it was being returned to sender, they told me it was because Customs had refused it... And now? Well, now it's on the plane already and CP says there's no way to stop it... Had the @%$! nut actually known what she was talking about yesterday, I might have been able to fix the problem...

My guess... Delivery information was damaged during Customs inspection... Though I suppose it is possible that the delivery information was incomplete right from WGC...

So, Now I'll have to wait another week for it to get back to WGC, and another Week for it to be sent again with proper delivery information. Though this time I'll be asking WGC to make sure the labels are not over the joints of the box...

Anyway, long story short, it's not a refusal at the border... It's just a shitty situation. Well, maybe some day I'll be able to install my upgrades...

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