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A Warning to Individuals

I just learned that Customs has sent my order back to WGCShop, refusing to allow the items into Canada.

The following is a list of items from the order:

- Guarder G36C Air Seal Nozzle
- Mojji 25mm Mount Ring ( Height 15mm )
- Mojji Killer Elite 3-9 x 40 DX Scope
- Prometheus 6.03 EG Barrel 509mm
- Prometheus Non-Liner Spring MS100
- Systema Silent Head Set for Gearbox Ver.3
- Systema N-B Cylinder Type-0
- Systema Poly Carbonate Piston for Gearbox Ver 2/3

Nothing here is supposed to be against the rules, but obviously I got the anal Customs Agent.

Anyway, I've now had a shitty day as I've been looking forward to this arriving, and I guess the only positive note is that they are simply sending it all back to WGC. Just wanted to let people know.

Whether this means Customs is as a whole turning back indivual purchases, or simply that I got the wrong agent, I have not idea. Just a heads up to others.

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