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I was thinking of you alot and what you went through. Given my line of work, I am hesitant to make any statements about what people regard as spiritual. However two things happened regarding this burial that were very unusual. Was there something special and unusual going on that day? I don't know. Here is what happened. You decide.

The first was while we were digging the grave. We had been extremely concerned about water. For the last week the rain had been very heavy. So much so that the graves had been filling up and caving in. One grave, only 20 yards away had actually "liquified", meaning saturation was so bad the sandy soil took liquid form. 3 foot graves became 10 foot wide graves. All physical facts were against us. The grounds supervisor told me that it was absolutely certain there would be alot of water. Yet, when we dug the grave, it was almost bone dry. I crouched down and looked closely at the soil. You could see a little seeping, like you would see behind a damn holding back a great deal of water.

Secondly, I was making a final inspection of the area at 11am. The very hour of the funeral mass. The sun came out and began to reflect on the stainless steel vault lid just above Trooper Wilson's name. You can see this in the photo. It was brilliant light that hurt the eyes. I truly thought to myself; "God has sent his angels". "They are here". The light stayed for some time and then was gone.

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