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REQ: M4 Review.

Hey I just saw this Classic Army Full Metal M4 S.P.C. at ---Link wont work, scroll down abit to see it--- and fell in love. I was wondering if anyone had seen/tested, or owned it around here. It would make such a nice AEG. Also would CA be the best for that gun? Looking for full metal, and that gun fits all my desires. I realize there is a review on the site listed but maybe you guys can give a more thural one.

I would use search but it is very slow for me. Well, the advanced search is and the normal one said "Sorry - no matches. Please try some different terms."



EDIT: Sigh, the link wont work. 1 moment.

EDIT2: Ok, you got to go here then to Eletric Airsoft guns(TOP, its in the menu) Then scroll down abit, its the 7th one down.

Average of 4.67 reviewed by 52 people

Classic Army Full Metal M4 S.P.C. AEG Airsoft Rifle


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