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Exclusive Excerpt from ONE SHOT TWO KILLS

As promised, here is an exclusive excerpt from my wife's novel ONE SHOT, TWO KILLS. I decided to post it in a seperate thread so it would not get lost in the sponsorship discussion.

Special thanks to all those who have voted and valkxb70 who pdf'ed and hosted this file for an internet incompetent like myself.

By way of background to the section of the novel, the protagonist is of Russian ancestry and her name is Innokenti, which is shortened to Kenya. Her grandmother was one of the few female snipers to survive Stalingrad. If I recall correctly the rifle she is using is a Weatherby Mark V.

If you have any constructive criticisms feel free to pm them to me rather than post them on this thread.

And as always, to vote for ONE SHOT, TWO KILLS in this contest, send an email to with ONE SHOT TWO KILLS in the subject line.

For more info on the contest or my wife her bio can be found at:

and the contest info at:

Her website will be up soon.

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