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Originally Posted by ILLusion View Post
I meant "what is the selection criteria"?
Thanks again for all of your votes. I hope to have an exclusive exerpt from ONE SHOT, TWO KILLS, up on ASC within 24 hours or so.

On the sponsorship issue, I have been making those kind of decisions at law firms for my whole career (I really enjoy community and charity work).

My thought was to put open a period where teams would submit sponsorship proposals (say in Jan or Feb or so, once I know what my sponsorship budget will be, but before I have had a chance to spend it ) and then review them to see which is the best fit for our firm philosophy, image and exposure etc. Since I am not a member of any team, there would be no conflict of interest. The reason Ontario was chosen was two fold, one because 99% of our client base comes from Ontario, and two, because it is a hell of a lot easier for me to drop by and see our sponsorship in action.

The idea of a national event is interesting. I'm not promising anything, but if this has been done before or you have ideas on how to arrange such a thing, please pm me.


I will definately put out the call for proposals early in the new year.
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