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K here is the the link to CJOB

He was arrested inside the school, and I conclude that it was a Crosman Sig Sauer P225. We dont know if it was painted black or not, i hear taht it was not. I am waiting on more details still, im trying not to make assumptions and only giving you fact, and am also not trying to give away too much information as I also do go to this school and was in the lockdown.

So the revisoin of info goes like so. A youth, age 15, robs the local Esso with offically described as a BB gun. It was recovered in his locker along with the stolen cigarettes and a knife. He was detained by approximately 4 RCMP officers that tactially and surprisingly entered the classroom and arrested him. Oakbank Elementary, Springfield Middle School, and Springfield Colligate Institute underwent a lockdown prosedure for about an hour and a half to two hours. Ill post more info as I find out, the teachers are being pretty tight lipped, and info is hard to keep staight amongst all the rumours going around right now. I actually managed to get into the Esso that day after, and had a small discussion with the workers there, who could not confirm whether or not if was an airsoft of real gun, but was described to me as pretty freakin realistic.

What I am happy is that this is not all over the news right now, despite all the major local stations being there. Ill see what is on the news in the morning, and ill update you all soon
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