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Airsoft gun used in armed robery, ended in school

Well today was an interesting day

Just outside of winnipeg, a youth was arrested for armed robbery of an esso at aproximately 1:00 pm. Police were on the scene fast and arrested the boy just outside the local high school. The robbery was conducted with a BB handgun, although i have mixed reports that it may also have been an airsoft pistol, or a real 9mm. The three schools were then under lockdown for about 2 hours. Local RCMP are still working on it, expect more details in the news at 6. I know that Global TV was there, as well as CTV. I will not disclose details about the youths name, age, or the names of the schools until the news releases it first, i dont wanna get in trouble. Right now im not saying too much as being in lockdown for 2 hours creates alot of rumours and speculation, and i dont want to give out incorrect information. Ill post the link to the story when its realeased.

Update below!!!!
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