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I know the local walmart here in Rh sells some "high end" pieces of shit. And I was tempted to buy one. Just so I could pick it apart and learn how to rebuild it from scratch. I walked off for a bit and my friend said he get it for me to take apart. I gave him an evil look and said "a tub of ammo for it says you cant get it with out stealing it. I sat there waiting looking at the lego section.(Yes I like lego your never too old for it.) He comes back with a tub of ammo the pos electric gun and a bill and says "you owe me 15 bucks." I stopped off and asked the guy at the glass wall how old to get the stuff. He just shrugged I asked him for a box of shotgun ammo payed for it he gave it too me. I walked my way to returns holding my bag with ammo in it. And then demanded to see the manager. I seen him pulled out my wallet emptied my pockets and said "how the fuck was I able to buy this and my friend whom is only 15 able to buy this." Manager gave me a funny look and said "don't know don't care get out of my office." Left the shells on his desk took the pos aeg and its now in pieces at friends it is his after all.

Moral of the story "walmart just don't give a shit."

And correct me if I am wrong but don't you need some sort of licence to buy shells?

And yes it was a true story happened recently like 2 weeks ago.
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