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Originally Posted by Boxer View Post
Best Buy has a stupid cultish so called team building clap dance too. Really childish.
When you walk in at 10 am or whever they open they clap cause your the first people in within 5 min of opening. My dad took a bow when they did that. SO EMBARRASING.

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The pay depends on your previous work experiance, on my application form I put $7/$8 and they gave me $8.10 but if your over night they give you an extra dollar on top of that so I get $9.10. My hours are 11pm-7am Monday to Friday. I have no idea of the china wage thing BUT they try to say they don't kill small business's , and that they buy from them, but the business has to make enough product AND be able to ship it to all of the Wal-marts in Canada
They also Outsource a bunch of stuff.
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I'm no expert on the law, but the only victims of rape in this story are the 40 men.
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