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Haha damned Walmart. How is the night shifts? Hows the pay? I've read several articles why their products are cheaper. They cut wages and order from china to make the products cheaper for customers.

Yeah It's pretty stupid how they don't keep the stuff in the cages. They keep GPS systems the cages but not the softair that could potentially take out a persons eye.

I can buy airguns at Canadian Tire. The staff do not even bother carding or even asking how old I am. Last time I asked to take a look at those crappy Softair AEGs. I just wanted to see the internals and the guy opened the cage and asked if I wanted it.
The whole 18+ doesn't apply at many stores. People dont really care to bother carding or even asking.
The pay depends on your previous work experiance, on my application form I put $7/$8 and they gave me $8.10 but if your over night they give you an extra dollar on top of that so I get $9.10. My hours are 11pm-7am Monday to Friday. I have no idea of the china wage thing BUT they try to say they don't kill small business's , and that they buy from them, but the business has to make enough product AND be able to ship it to all of the Wal-marts in Canada
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ASC violated you in ways your uncle never did.

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