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Walmart... and SoftAir... 56k Warning.

Look what I found last weekend when I went to visit my local Walmart. (Markville Mall)
A bunch of SoftAir guns. All of them were electric blow backs + a few non-blowback mini electrics. There was a few tubs of crappy 6mm bb's left though.
Theres no age requirement in purchasing them. I saw them nearly next to the kids toys section.

I saw a group of I'm guessing around 12 year old kids buying A STACK LOAD. They took all of the springer shotguns + several EBB's + tubs of those crappy softair bbs. As you can see the p226 is out of stock same with many of the other EBB's walmart had. I over heard them talking about how they were going to shoot cars and have a "team deathmatch" guessing they mean team skirmish.

No age requirement AT ALL. I was suprised. No wonder we have kids running around parks playing with softair and shooting each other without wearing proper eye gear.

Pictures below.

The shotguns were all sold out. It looked like a M3 shorty from what the kids were carrying.

What do you guys think about this? Should Walmart have put these behind their cages or freely let kids buy softair without their parents knowing?


Last week at Markville Walmart, me and my buddy were going to buy some Propane and we encountered 2 teenaged kids(brothers), if I were to guess their age they were around 13-14 years old.
We saw them buying the shotgun, and they tried purchasing it by themselves however the cashier prompted the 18+ question. They ended up calling their mom and begging her to buy the shotty for them. I'm not sure if they ended up picking up the shotgun however, they sure begged their mom for it.

Another group of skateboarding dickheads came into walmart and were trashing up the place, they were yelling out loud talking to each other saying, O HEY LETS HAVE SPRINGER WARS OUTSIDE!
Man markville mall is full of those skateboarding teens!

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