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Originally Posted by attack-beacer View Post
why dont we have something like this in alberta. i hear about the place and i may have seen a few pics i would love to attend a lesson about where airsoft stands in law cause here on the bored i get conflicting reports and its hard to tell what is real and what is not i think you guys at TTAC3 should do a audio bit on where airsoft in canadian law i would so pay for something like that hell if u guys made a DVD with tips. tricks and tactics i would pay for it.
With respect to where Airsoft stands in the law... you can research the Criminal code.. it is all there... but even then you have to realize that all points of law are subject to interpritation both at the time of a charge being laid and at the time of the prosecution of the charge in court.
The Criminal Code is pretty clear... but the enforcement of the code "fuzzy" or "Grey".

There is information distilled from the Criminal Code on the TTAC3 website.
But I encourage everyone to read the law.. and decide for themselves how they will govern themselves.

With respect to Video.. we have been thinking of doing something.. but I don't think that the current political environment is proper for us to be putting out training videos on CQB, even if it is in a "Airsoft context"
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