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Mrs. Lawdog needs your vote- Airsoft Sponsorship


As some of you may know, my wife Kim is a writer.

The manuscript for her novel, One Shot, Two Kills has been selected for the final of the American Title III contest, which is run like American Idol, with internet votes being cast and the lowest vote gather being punted each month.

The plot is about an embittered US Army sniper and a CIA pyschologist teaming up to kick some Russian underworld ass. Her research was meticulous and the book was vetted by a retired NYC homicide detective and retired US Army sniper who spent a great deal of time in VN. This is a work we are both very proud of.

The reason I put this in the General Section, rather than off-topic is that if my wife makes the final five (top half) I will assume that it was from the support of the airsoft community and out of my eternal gratitude I will ensure my law firm sponsors two Ontario airsoft teams for the 2007 season.

If you would like to assist and vote for my wife, you can see the judges’ comments and the info at

If you want to skip all that and just vote for her send an email to with the words One Shot, Two kills in the subject line.

This is a large American contest, and as a Canadian she is behind the eight ball. Please cast your vote for her before Oct 29th. We will update you when further voting periods are open.


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